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Mr. Thomas Chacko
Chief Consultant 

” My rubber consultancy service  takes dedication to achieve more income from Rubber Estates.”

My experience status is as under:-
Location: Ambanadu Estate Rubber Division
Experienced managing rubber cultivation, tapping, factory management …….After completion of 5 years service there, I have joined to Kerala State Service-Plantation Corporation of Kerala Limited which is the largest rubber plantation in Asia under public sector I am experienced in A to Z works and managed all kind of estate functions. I have under gone training at rubber board. I got training in vegetative propagation in generating high breed clones like RRII-105, RRII-116, RRII-118,203,208,300&400 series. During my training period I have visited experimental plantations at Puthupally, Chethackal and the central laboratory at Puthupally office. I got opportunity of official visit at Tamilnadu rubber plantation at Kanyakumari and Karnataka plantation at Sulliya. There are remarkable achievements during my service period, considering the meritorious service I was awarded with good service entry, cash award and finally nomination for “KARSHAKA MITHRA” award of the state government during 1995. From 2011 onwards I am giving rubber consultancy in rubber plantation industry with in Kerala and out side states with my presence and online basis. Our rubber consultancy service enabled remarkable achievements to my clients.

Polybag Plant at Plantable Stage

1 Lakh Highbrid RRII 105 Poly bag Plants are ready for sale . Pls Contact us 09447893615, 9846697268

Projects Undertaken

On 29th March 2012 Department of Indian Register of Shipping considered me as an expert of rubber industry for ISO certifying personal S/IE/291.

 Consultancy given to Sri.Sibi, Anchal in Kollam district availing poly bag plants from rehabilitation plantations.

Consultancy given to Sri.Vishwajith Akkaray to establish a new plantation at Retnagiri district, Maharashtra during 2010.

As an ISO certifying member I have periodically inspected various function of Rehabilitation Plantations Punalur under Kerala Govt along with the certifying team of the department and recommendations are given accordingly.

THE ROMAN CATHOLIC DIOCESE OF MANANTHAVADY and Sri.Joy Arakkal appointed me as the chief rubber plantation consultant at Jordhania Estate,Gandibagilu,Neria village,Belthangandy TQ at Dekshina Karnataka and my extreme gratitude to Mananthavady Diocese and Sri.Joy Arakkal.From 2011 till 2015 I worked there as senior consultant and chief manager. It was a medium private estate having 500 acres. There I have generated enough high yielding R.R.I.I – 105 budded plants and successfully planted. There was 25 ha of tapping area from which harvesting latex. For the processing of sheets mechanical sheeting factory attached with high quality smoke house having a capacity of 2000 sheets constructed under my guidance. There producing R.S.S, 1.X Sheets which getting Rs.10 more than the 4th grade sheets. The differential between 4th and R.S.S 1-X is comes to rupees ten thousand more per metric ton.

The honey gold colour R.S.S 1-X sheet which is high quality waste less production having more demand in market

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Frequently Ask Question

Certainly we can

Necessry guideance in all aspects can be provided.

An: We are able to give necessary assistance in this regard.

All kind of expert information for pre-planting and field planting with seedatstake, budded stump or polybag plants can be provided.

Ans: You can expext all of above information from us.

Ans: Several clones such as RR11. 105, 414, 218 and 430 among and budded and GGI, GG2 are among primary clones. For more details contact

Ans: Several reasons and some of them are 1) Phytophthora, powderly mildew, etc there are preventive measures for the disease


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