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Super Quality RSS 1-X Sheets
It is noticed from the statement of Hon Finance minister that as a result of implementation GST increased price can be expected from high quality goods. Nearly 10 lakh mt raw rubber is coming to market every year out of this 70% is low grade RSS sheets. A good quantity of this can be converted to high quality RSS 1-X sheets for which I can give guidance to concerned firms at a very cheap rate. For CF latex products involves high production cost depends to its machine cost and maintenance. On the other hand cheap rated machines and factory accessories including smoke house, highest grade RSS 1-X sheets which having honey gold colour and waste less product with a high margin of Rs.10 more than 4th grade sheets. Normally rubber board recommended 3-4 days for sheet drying were as the technology which I have adopted will take only two days as drying time. This technology can be trained among farmers also those who can produce daily not less than 500 numbers sheets or more. Most of the farmers are small growers, society can be formed to come together to achieve the target successfully.

 Raw Rubber – A Short Note

Natural rubber is a vegetable product. During the 19th century several attempts were made to expand rubber plantation, processing of raw rubber in several forms such as RSS sheets concentrated latex, crumb rubber and PLC grade rubbers which resulted in increase rate of demand.

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